Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Repairs for Cedar Rapids and Waterloo

Home Vandalism

For home owners, there are few bigger headaches to come home than finding your home vandalized. Whether a broken window, an egged or keyed car or a front door defaced by graffiti, vandalism harms both the appearance and value of your home and property.

The key to relieving a home vandalism headache is having a quick restoration response plan.

  1. Remove any debris from the area vandalized. If your car or home was damaged by eggs, be sure to hose down the exterior of your vehicle or house. Vacuum glass particles from carpet and upholstery.
  2. Write down a complete inventory of all damaged and destroyed items.
  3. Promptly call your insurance company and Reconstruction 380 after discovering the damage. The longer you wait to report the damage, the more detrimental the damages will be. Gather any damaged items for your insurance company, who can use the items to estimate the size and take pictures.
  4. Report the damage to police. Law enforcement will help you gather evidence of the damage and will pursue the vandals.

The final step is simple: Relax and watch Reconstruction 380’s Residential Vandalism Response Team go to work for you and eliminate your home vandalism headache.

Commercial Vandalism

For business owners, vandalism is an unsightly mess and an unwanted expense.

When responding to vandalism, the key is speed. The longer you wait to repair and remove vandalism damage, the more money and sales it will cost your business.

Reconstruction 380 has the industry’s top commercial vandalism response team ready to quickly erase the damage vandalism can inflict on your business.

Reconstruction 380’s Restoration Services can respond to any type of commercial vandalism:

  • Removing vandalism like graffiti from walls, floors, doors and furnishings
  • Board-up services to secure your business
  • Repair and remodeling services
  • Hauling away damaged items/property
  • Power washing of exterior walls

A vandal’s “art” is a business owner’s massive headache. But a quick call to Reconstruction 380’s Commercial Restoration Team can quickly eliminate your business’ vandalism headache.