Iowa’s Forecast Calling For Elevated Spring Flood Risk

Don’t Sit On Buying Flood Insurance For Your Home, the NWS Warns

An optimist would see Iowa’s chances of enduring major flooding this spring as a glass half empty.

The Good Lord willing, the Hawkeye State’s creeks and rivers won’t rise too mightily this spring. But the National Weather Service and weather experts are warning homeowners to be alert to elevated flood risks created by – you guessed it — this seemingly unending, hard, cold, snowy Iowa winter we’re still trapped in.Read the rest

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Is Your Home Ready For The Wrath of Winter?

Forecasters predict ‘teeth-chattering cold’ and ‘plentiful snow’ for Hawkeye State

Beware and prepare, for the Weather Grinch is back.

Winter is coming in like a lion in Iowa, leaving many owners of older homes wondering if their houses will hold up like fierce lions, or tap out like lambs.

Old Man Winter rarely goes easy on the Hawkeye State’s homes, and for homes unprepared for the fury of the coldest months and most brutal weather of the year, our Magic Weather 8-Ball foresees costly trouble ahead.Read the rest

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Had A Heart-To-Heart Talk With Your Roof Lately?

Autumn ‘most vital time’ for inspecting your home’s hardest-working element

The secrets hard-working roofs keep could fill, well, a roof. Tibetan monks sworn to silence do more talking. Triple deep cover agents have been known to spill the beans more about what’s ailing them than a roof. Roofs plead the fifth more often than a mobster in court.Read the rest

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Telltale Signs of A Dying House Floor

Observation Is Key To Knowing When To Say Goodbye

Your 3-year-old daughter starts using the loose hallway floorboards as a teeter-totter.

Your beloved poodle Max mysteriously disappears one day while eating his food on the kitchen floor.

The dining room floor caves in.

Unfortunately, aging floors in need of replacement are rarely this obvious.Read the rest

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Iowa’s CO Protection Plan

New State Law Requiring Detectors Designed To Give Homeowners Safe Guard Against Silent Killer

No warning. No trace. No odor. No chance.

Like a grim reaper in the night, carbon monoxide claims the lives of 430 unsuspecting Americans per year, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Controls statistics.

Thankfully, Iowa homeowners will get protection against a silent killer under a new state law.… Read the rest

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Finding Faults of Failing Retaining Walls

Know Signs of Walls At Risk of Collapse

“Walls protect and walls limit. It is the nature of walls that they should fall.
– English Author Jeanette Winterson

No wall stands forever with weak limbs (ever see the Chicago Bears offensive line come the fourth quarter?). Heck, even the legendary, two-millennium-old Great Wall of China is showing its age.… Read the rest

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Flooding Deja Vu: Here Comes The Rain

Now’s the Time for Iowa Homeowners to Ready Their Flood Defense Plan

In one of Mother Nature’s cruelest twists of irony, nearly 10 years to the date of the devastating Iowa floods of 2018, flooded rivers and waters are again threatening numerous towns throughout eastern Iowa.

A fury of early June rains have many of the Hawkeye State’s rivers and tributaries threatening to reach flood stage and overflow their banks.… Read the rest

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